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The heart behind Sophie’s Bakery

John, Debbie, & Sophie Morris

You don’t have to sacrifice flavor when choosing to live a healthier lifestyle. 

Introducing Sophie’s Bakery, our lineup of fresh, whole, clean, and healthy baked goods will make you believe in high protein, gluten-free baking!

Our daughter Sophie is our greatest inspiration

The idea for our bakery came from a real need to provide our daughter, Sophie, with nutritious snacks that sustain her throughout the school day and works with her body. We expanded on that need to provide filling, nutritious snacks to all people with food intolerances, special diets, and dietary restrictions with food that tastes good and is good for the body.

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There’s this assumption that gluten-free, dairy-free baked goods are not yummy or taste fake! 

There’s this assumption that gluten-free, dairy-free baked goods are not yummy or taste fake! Sophie Bakery provides a healthy alternative to snacking, packed with protein to keep you going! Our treats are so tasty, that you’ll forget they’re dairy-free, low in sugar, and gluten-free!


Sophie’s Bakery offers an array of baked goods, from muffins to brownies to bread and cookies.  Did we mention that our products are baked in a gluten-free kitchen? You’ll never have to worry about cross-contamination. 

Whether you’ve just begun your journey toward health or have a dietary restriction looking for yummy baked goods that you can eat, Sophie’s Bakery is for you!  Subscribe to our mailing list to stay updated on new bakery items, recipes, and sales!

Why people are raving about Sophie’s Bakery
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Debbie Morris, owner of Sophie's Bakery

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